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Animal Feed Supplements
Give your dairy and poultry animals a daily dose of animal feed supplements along with the feed and water in order to maintain their overall health. The buyers can select the right supplements for the animals by going through the ingredients used and the effects of supplements.
Prevent yourself from exchange of germs through hands by applying these premium quality hand sanitizers. Easy to use, these sanitizers contain good amount of alcohol that removes 99.9% germs from the hands without using water. Portable and leakage proof, offered hand sanitizers comes in an airtight bottle.
Salt Lick Block

Salt lick block is a mineral block for animals. As they lick this block, they get essential mineral nutrients which they usually do not get in their feed. The block is placed in pastures by the farmers.

Veterinary Tablets

Our company also supplies veterinary tablets that contain zinc, magnesium, cobalt and copper. Heat Up is a feed supplement that can be given to cattle. This supplement can treat the deficiency of minerals stated before.

Covid-19 PPE Kit

Shakti Warrior Gold is the COVID-19 PPE kit that healthcare professionals can use to protect themselves from the exposure to COVID-19 virus. The pack includes face mask, gloves, cap and coverall suit.

Shakti Ferrol

Shakti Ferrol is a food supplement which is used to feed the livestock. This product is known as growth, energy and immunity booster for animals. This product is very easy to use and safe to feed. This product can be easily purchased by our eminent customers, at cheaper rates.

PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD Pharma Franchise is tested under different parameters to ensure its high quality and excellent performance. This service is available in market at economical rates in emergency situations too.This service can be easily availed by our clients as per their requirements.

Overseas Veterinary Products

Overseas veterinary products aid in the management and prevention of animal disease. These items can be used to treat a wide range of animal ailments. Overseas veterinary products also include broad spectrum fungicide that treats a variety of fungi-related illnesses in animals.

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